Dear Friend of the the Tortured:

Whether you are Catholic or not, you are most heartily invited to join Catholics Against Torture!  We ask only that you pledge yourself to daily prayer for the tortured.  We are a simple prayer association and though we have an official prayer, there are many other prayers and it is not necessary to choose our words, only that you pray with a sincere heart.

There are many disturbing images of the tortured.  We have chosen to show only the image of Christ crucified and ask you to see in Him those souls who are terribly tortured throughout the world.

We gladly accept speaking engagements where feasible to bring to your church or group information on the tortured.  We have t-shirts for sale that go to the upkeep of this site and to our apostolate.  Thank you for joining and God bless you.  Please pray for the tortured and pray for us.

In the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary,

Fr. Jamie St. Anthony