September 15th., Feast of the Seven Sorrows of the BVM

Dearly Beloved Friends of the Tortured,

Today we celebrate in gratitude and great sorrow with the Blessed Virgin Mary, Our Blessed Mother, her Seven Sorrows.

1. The Prophesy of Simeon to Mary of her sorrows and the importance of her Immaculate Heart.

2. The Flight Into Egypt with great Saint Joseph.

3. The Loss of the Child Jesus with Saint Joseph and His Finding in the Temple.

4. The Meeting with Jesus on the Way of the Cross.

5. The Crucifixion of Christ Jesus.

6. The Taking Down From The Cross.

7. The Burial in the Tomb.

We ask her to especially help all those  who are suffering for the Faith in Iraq and the Middle East; with all Christians who are being sold into slavery, while the free world does NOTHING and while those in positions of power in the Church do NOTHING or TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE!  Speak the TRUTH- never be ashamed of it or shy from it.  In your morning offering, unite all your actions, joys and sufferings to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass being offered this day and every day until the end of time.

Talk about the Tortured!  Do not forget them!

We compassionate thee, O Blessed Mother, in all thyth sufferings with Christ and ask you to take us in your Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  May we love God more and more and live with Him forever in Heaven.  Amen.