Great Saint Francis of Assisi and the Persecution of Catholics

Great Saint Francis of Assisi is a most magnificent example of the work of God in a surrendered soul.  God does not want golden vessels.  He does not want silver vessels.  He wants YIELDED vessels!  I recommend most heartily to everyone the writings of this humble saint.  Read of his great life and his great Catholic faith!

Saint Francis went on the crusades to the Holy Land and preached Jesus Christ Crucified and Risen to the Muslim.  So great was his effect on the sultan that he told Francis: “I would convert to your religion, which is a beautiful one, but both of us would be murdered.”  He chose to save his earthly life when his Father in Heaven would have given him eternal life with the crown of martyrdom.  So many Catholics and others are being persecuted this day, not only in the Holy Land, but  everywhere that Islamists inflict their evil will.

Do not think that America will be spared this scourge of God!  My great friend Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen, ( who sent me the last letter he wrote on earth,) warned along with Our Blessed Mother in her apparitions that God will use the Muslim to chastise the West.

This is why beheadings and torture will continue.  Also, we must know that we can never join in the evil that is torture and expect to have God’s blessings.  We must form an army of souls who use the great weapon of PRAYER!  Whatever your faith, pray for an end to torture.  Pray for those who inflict and authorize torture.  Pray for those being tortured.  Remember them and beg God to send His Holy Angels to protect His children.  We are entering a time of the proof of prophesy.  God have mercy upon us all.

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us.

Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

Great Saint Francis, pray for us.