Coptic Martyrs

It is with the greatest sadness that we recognize the martyrdom of the 21 Coptic Christians by radical Islam.  These precious souls join the Roman Catholic Martyrs of radical Mohammadism.  Let us open our eyes and see the writing on the wall.  God is using Islam to chastise His Church, as the late, great, Archbishop Fulton Sheen predicted would happen.

The Coptic Pope moved quickly to canonize these martyrs.  Francis has not done the same for the Catholic Martyrs, who were crucified for refusing to deny their Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  His inaction and continued incredibly bad leadership is a scandal to the world and to true Catholics everywhere.  He curries the favor of the world and is more a cheerleader than the universal pastor.  We must pray for him as his culpability is great.  “When the shepherd is struck, the sheep will scatter.”

Please continue to pray for all those who are victims of torture.  Do not forget them but talk of them often to others.  Say the Daily Prayer for the Tortured and in this manner be enlightened to proper action, which comes from prayer.  God knows what He is doing and it is His Will that we are living in these times.  We must not be found wanting.  We must say YES to Christ and fulfill our Christian duty.