Why ISIS Released 19 Assyrian Christians Hostages

It is my belief that the recent release by the terrorist Islamic group ISIS of nineteen Assyrian Christian hostages is because of the swift action of the Coptic Pope in canonizing their recent martyrs.  Holy Mother Church has always said that the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church.  Seeing that the Copts have COURAGE and her leader does not shrink from the truth, the Islamic terrorists thought better, at least this time, of making new martyrs for the cause of Jesus Christ.

Meanwhile, at the Vatican, Francis does not even speak the name of the countries or mention the teenage martyrs who were crucified in public a few short weeks ago.  He canonizes Catholic martyrs of the middle ages who were set for such by his predecessor, but loudly remains silent about current Catholic martyrs and their torture and suffering.  Imagine what a quick acknowledgement of their entrance into Heaven would do for those who suffer.  We may never know because of the fear of those in power.

We at CAT ask you to pray for all the imprisoned, the tortured and any souls who are in trouble or danger because of their beliefs, especially for Christ and His Holy Church.  Among the souls we ask you to pray for is American ROBERT LEVINSON.  May his release happen soon and may God bless and protect all tortured persons.