A Croatian Catholic website has reported that two Christian teenagers in Syria were crucified on April 29 for refusing to convert to Islam, where countless others have also been put to death by Muslims.

The Christians were given the choice of “Islam or death,” said Sister Raghida, former head of a Catholic school in Damascus.  Muslims came to the two teenagers and said, “So you want to die as a teacher in whom you trust?  Please choose: either to renounce Jesus or you will be crucified!”  When BOTH BOYS REFUSED, THEY WERE PUT TO DEATH.  One of them was crucified in front of his father, who was then murdered, as well.

The nun said that Jihadists entered the city of Maalula and started killing men, women and children.  They beheaded many and then kicked their heads around like soccer balls.  Even pregnant women were martyred, their unborn babies cut from their wombs and hung from trees.

Many of the Christians remaining in Syria either do not have the money to leave or have been denied visas.  Yet Sister Raghida says they are remaining strong throughout all the hopelessness, and said that after the massacres, “We celebrated the Mass for the dead, and our prayer was even stronger… The Lord will not abandon us…”

No, the Righteous Judge, Jesus the Only Christ, Lord of Lords and King of Kings will NOT abandon you!  Even though “Pope” Francis refused to say the name of Syria, for fear of offending them!, (God is no respecter of persons and His true Church would scream the truth from the housetops,) he did she a tear, how nice.  The Vatican has not asked for the help of the United States of America, or gone to the powers in Syria on behalf of Christians.  Only mild platitudes about “persecutions in non Christian nations.”  Well, I hate to break it to you, but their are NO Christian nations left!  We wait as we fall into the abyss.  How terrible will be the coming persecutions, begun at “Vatican II,” when communism was not condemned, nor even mentioned.  These are sins of omission and the True Church has gone underground.

Remember, as in the times of  Saint Athanatius, “They have the buildings, but we have the Faith!”  Pray for our brothers and sisters in Muslim lands that are being terribly persecuted and ask, no DEMAND that your pastors preach on this!

God have mercy on us in Jesus Name!  God, protect those who stand for Your Son and save us from weak, traitorous churchmen in positions of power.  Amen.


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January 16, 1940

On this day in 1940 the great Pope Pius XII, in a radio broadcast from Vatican City told the entire world that the Nazis were committing atrocities against Catholics and the Jews in Poland.  This was one of many, many times the much maligned pontiff cried out against the Nazis.  He also, in this year and continuing even after the war, ordered prelates and the clergy to open their doors to Jews and others persecuted by the Germans.  His efforts on their behalf at the time was acknowledged by the rabbis of Europe who travelled to Rome in 1946 to thank him publicly and in person.  The Chief Rabbi of Rome and his entire family converted to Christ Jesus and became Catholics; the rabbi taking the Christian name of the Holy Father, Eugenio as his own.  Of course, you never hear of this from the media!  You also never hear that the bishops of Germany warned the voters of their country to reject Hitler.  The Archbishop of Munich held a public procession of the Blessed Sacrament and Holy Relics and statues, including a gigantic crucifix on the eve of the vote to implore God against the Nazis.  The old newsreels of this are easily available.  One last thing, the Vatican told the world about the concentration camps through not only diplomatic channels, but also on the radio.  Why did we and the allies not bomb the camps?  Think about it before you condemn the Church, and study, study, study.

Remember that you must always question the media!  Always question those who write the histories.  Where evil churchmen have done terrible things, denounce them, but also look for the righteous and those who followed the good Lord and His precepts.  There are always at three sides to every story: yours, mine and God’s!

Lighting A Candle In The Darkness

We are Catholics Against Torture; Not only Catholics, but all people of goodwill who want to do something to stop the terrible crime of torture. As you read this people are being tortured throughout the world. People are being tortured horribly by people who do not consider themselves to be committing evil; People that are ordinary in many ways, people, believe it or not, who are similar to you and me.

I was spurned to action by what I believe to be an inspiration of the good Lord and by the horrific things I have heard and seen in many media, but in particular on the internet. Anything can be shown on the internet, even murder and torture and it is disgusting and a perversion of our inalienable rights. Because of the misguided decisions by the courts, victims of torture and their families and loved ones are being victimized again and again by the erroneous freedom to see images of unspeakable brutality. This is all a consequence of a sick society, one that has eschewed God and because of that is being given over to its basest and most sinful instincts. “In the end times, men’s love for one another will grow cold.”

What can you and I do about this? How can we light a candle in the darkness of this gloom? To begin with we can pray- which is where CAT comes in. Simple prayer has power. Prayer united to the Cross of Christ and to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass; Prayer united to the Mother of God and to all the angels and saints in heaven, in purgatory and on the earth. Prayer works wonders: “The prayer of a righteous man availeth much!,” Holy Writ tells us. Prayer begets an awakened consciousness and leads to a holier life and good actions on behalf of those who suffer.

Please join us and pray for the tortured! Use our Official Prayer or any prayer that you choose. There are links to many fine organizations and blogs, (examples: The Voice of the Martyrs and Gathered Prayers by Kenneth Randolph Taylor, an Anglican,) that will give you ammunition in your prayer life, and should you choose to take further action, that would be wonderful.

I am a traditional Catholic priest, but this is one area for which ecumenism is important. We are all part of the human family and the innate Law of God is written in all our hearts and we must unite to bring the powers of heaven to a suffering world. Pray, pray and then pray some more!

The only thing we ask of you is that you pray daily for the tortured and remember them in your conversations with everyone, your family, friends, co-workers, acquaintances. If you do this you will be doing a beautiful thing. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Write us for t-shirts and prayer cards that help us propagate this good work. All are remembered at the altar of the Lord and in the Holy Rosary.

Please note that the links to organizations and others do not denote an approval of that person or group of CAT, or vice versa but are given because we believe they are worthy of your time and we believe they do much good. “Do unto others as you would have them do to you,” is still the golden rule, and “whenever you did this to the least of your brothers and sisters, you did it to Me.”

Pax Domini Sit Semper Vobiscum! (The peace of the Lord be always with you.)

Sincerely in the Tortured Saviour,

The Rev. Fr. Jamie St. Anthony
Feast of Christ the King, October 27, 2013