Have Mercy

(our official prayer)

Almighty and Ever Living God, look with pity upon all Your children who suffer under the terrible burden of torture. Be merciful to them and give them many miracles of escape and hope. In the very midst of their trials do not let them lose sight of Your Divine Love and compassion, but send upon them Your Holy Spirit, that they may have whatever grace they need in whatever form they need it. Visit them with Your Holy Angels and encompass round about them Your Loving Presence.

Have mercy, too upon their tormentors and change their hearts to repentance and reparation; Help them see the awful error of their ways. For those who blaspheme by torturing in Your Name, help those on the side of righteousness to repair the horrible damage due this disgusting sin.

Finally, dear and Blessed Lord, keep us in continual remembrance of the tortured, especially those who suffer for Your Name’s sake and for Your Holy Church, but also for any soul who is tortured in any way, body, mind, spirit or circumstance, and for those who are in trouble of any kind.

We pray in the Holy Name of Jesus, He Who was tortured for our sakes, with Our Blessed Mother Mary, St. Joseph, our Holy Patrons and all the angels and saints.